Acer Factory Outlet Online store will be closed down by Friday, the 7th March 2014.

We appreciate all our valued customers who purchased stock from Acer Factory outlet from July Year 2012 to till date.

Acer will support all our existing customers if they came across with any issues in relations with technical support, warranty or any relevant claims.

Please find more information below:


Technical Support and Warranty:

For all Technical Support and Warranty enquiries, please call: 1300 365 100.

If the matter not been resolved then please email to escalation -


Returns & Replacements:

Acer is happy to accept returns of a product under DOA (Deal on Arrival) and will arrange a full refund if notified within 14 days of the delivery of the order and with the following conditions:

(a) The product must be returned in the original box and in the same condition as shipped by Acer, including all other items shipped with the product, such as software, manuals, cables, CDs, etc. Acer reserves the right to deduct an amount from a refund at the current market RRP of missing or damaged items. All possible charges (for missing items) will be applied before the final credit has been processed.

(b) The products will need to be returned to Acer Reception at the customers own risk and incur any related delivery charges. We suggest insuring the products during shipment.


Acer will also accept returns or organise a replacement if the following conditions are met:

(a) The products are damaged in transit.

(b) The product is not supplied, however has been paid for (e.g, lost in transit).

(c) There are missing items from the box.

(d) The wrong items are sent.

(e) The wrong configuration is sent.

(f) Goods are delivered beyond 10 business days from the estimated delivery time.

(g) The order is not cancelled fast enough by Acer.

(h) The Acer product does not meet the stated capabilities.


If the matter not been resolved then please email to escalation -


Order Tracking:

You can view your all of your orders by logging into your account and clicking on 'My Orders' in the left hand menu.

Your order will contain a status update to aid you in tracking your order.


Payment Confirmed – The order has been logged and the payment has been confirmed by the customer’s financial institution.

Order Entered – The order has been received and accepted by Acer.

Order Delivered – The order has been delivery and notification from the parcel carrier.

Attempted Delivery – A delivery has been attempted and a calling card left with collection instructions.

Returned – The order has returned to Acer after a failure to deliver. Contact with the customer will be attempted to arrange a new delivery.

Cancelled with Refund – The order has been cancelled and a full refund has been provided to the customer.

Cancelled with Partial Refund – Parts of the order have been cancelled and a partial refund has been provided.

Need more help then please email to escalation -





1. Acer warrants that the product you have purchased is free from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship when despatched from our warehouse. Your sales receipt is your proof of the date of purchase and the warranty period commences as of that date. This warranty extends only to you, the original purchaser, and is non-transferable.


2. It is the customer’s responsibility for securely packaging the product for Depot Return or Collection.


3. During the warranty period as indicated above, Acer will, at no additional charge, replace defective parts with new parts or serviceable parts that are equivalent to new parts in performance. All replaced or exchanged parts which are taken out under this warranty become the property of Acer.


4. Acer may decide at its own discretion to send replacements for faulty items (ie keyboard, mouse, monitor etc) directly to the end user who is also responsible for their installation.


5. This warranty does not extend to any product purchased from other than an Acer Authorised Dealer/Reseller. This warranty automatically becomes void if the product has been physically damaged or rendered defective (a) as a result of an accident, misuse, abuse, or other circumstances beyond Acer's control: (b) by the use of parts or peripherals not manufactured or supplied by Acer; (c) as a result of normal wear and tear; (d) by use within an improper operating environment; (e) by modification of the product (f) by the serial number or warranty seal being removed or defaced; (g) as a result of service rendered by anyone other than an Authorised Service Provider (ASP) or (h) as a result of the product being operated otherwise than in accordance with Acer's instructions.


6. Software-related faults resulting from incorrect software installation or usage or software viruses or software inherent bugs shall not be considered as product faults and may incur a charge for rectification, if requested. It is the purchaser's responsibility to keep useable archive back-ups of all data and to reload all software following any maintenance or repair work (except the operating system).Acer is not responsible for damage to, or loss of, any programs, data or removable storage media including any consequential loss or damage. Acer is also not responsible for future upgrades of software products bundled with Acer products.


7. Chargeable hourly rates will apply to the customer if the technician finds the problem is (a) user related; (b) caused by change in normal settings of the computer; or (c) software issues not covered under our standard warranty.


8. Parts stock is maintained for a period of one year following Acer's withdrawal of the product from the market. The warranty is expressly subjected to the availability of product parts, which may not be guaranteed after the expiry of that product.


This warranty does not cover -


(a) any problems relating to the installation of any software packages or; any problems arising from user deletion or modification of any preinstalled software;


(b) the Product has been altered, modified or otherwise interfered with;


(c) the failure is due to normal wear and tear;


(d) the Product has been negligently used, abused, misused or neglected;


(e) the Product has been subjected to unusual physical, environmental or electrical stress where physical or electrical connection specifications are exceeded;


(f) the Product is installed or operated otherwise than in accordance with any instructions specified by Acer;


(g) any serial numbers have been removed or defaced; the Product has been serviced by anyone other than an Acer Authorised Service Centre;


(h) any Acer product purchased from any unauthorised reseller or sourced through any unauthorised channel;


(i) the defect or failure is due to parts or peripherals other than those manufactured by Acer or any associated Acer company, which have been inserted in or connected to the Product, or;


(j) the defect or failure is due to any act, default or omission by any person other than Acer, its employees or agents or to events outside the control of Acer including vermin infestation, faulty/fluctuation mains power supply, fire, flood, accident, terrorist attack, or act of God


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